Dr Bhojraj Bhatta

Know and Believe God’s Promises: Find out all the promises of God in the Bible relating to financial provision and believe them.Write them down and memorize them.Post them on your wall, refrigerator, and make those promises your computer screen savers.Do whatever it takes to remember those promises.

Meditate on those promises day and night: Think about them when you go to bed, think about them when you wake up in the morning.Think about them when you go about your day.When fear and worry come, remind yourself of those promises.Remind the devil.Speak to your problem, and remind God of his promises.Let those promises be on your mind at all time.

Make those promises your prayer: Speak them out loud in your private prayer.Declare those promises over your life, family or anything you wish to be blessed.Keep speaking them out loud until faith begins to arise in your heart.Be consistent throughout your life.

Fulfill the conditions that are laid in those promises: If God in his word says, “True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and long life” (Pr. 22:4 NLT), then be humble and walk in the fear of God.If there is anything in your life that contradicts the conditions laid in those promises, repent and get rid of it; stay away from it.Obey God’s word and see the wonders it works.

Work hard and be faithful: Whatever kind of work you have in hand, do it diligently and faithfully.Laziness and unfaithfulness open the door for all kinds of poverty.

Build better interpersonal relationships with people: Be a loving, kind and generous person.Whatever you sow, you will reap.Do unto others what you wish them do to you.

Believe in community prayer: Be an active part of a praying community.Share your difficulty with fellow believers and ask them to pray for you.When you share you prayer request, be sincere and never expect help from human beings.Expect miracles from God but never manipulate other people in helping you.

When you believe in God’s promises, when you make those promises your prayer, and when you join with fellow believers in prayer; God will perform his word.He will give you new ideas to make money.He will open new doors for better employment.He will bless the work of your hands.He will do whatever it takes to bring you out of your difficulty.If necessary, he will speak to other people to come and meet your needs.

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